diy project :: painting your shutters

here's our first diy project! how to give those drab shutters a new lease on life...


1 :: first things first- unscrew the shutters from the house.  i spared you the 'actual' before picture- these shutters were gross!  make sure to clean and dry them thoroughly.  we just used a hose a couple of rags, and they were shining in no time.

2 :: since these shutters are actually plastic, spray paint worked wonderfully.  we used valspar satin spray paint for indoor/outdoor use. (for wooden shutters- you can use the same technique, with either spray paint or outdoor paint from your local hardware store).

3 ::  start spraying the tops and sides of the shutter.  for the indiviudual blades, spray in from the left and then from the right, meeting in the middle- which gives you a nice even look.

you're all done!  this is a quick update that only takes about an hour or two.  we painted the back of the first one, then realized we couldn't even tell- so the front and the sides are all you need to do!

don't forget that i'm interested in seeing all of your diy projects, before and after pics, or just plain beautiful homes- you can submit these anytime, just send me an email!

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  • I’ve actually got some very similar looking sliding closet doors in my laundry room that need this treatment. I’ve even had the spray paint on hand for months just haven’t found the time. This post was a kick in the pants!

  • Hi there,

    I actually have a follow-up question if you’ve got a moment. I see this was done quite some time ago. Can you tell me how it held up? Did you have to repaint it after a year or so? Did the paint chip? I am thinking about turning my yucky brown shudders to lovely moss-green ones, but I’m concerned about chipping and upkeep. I appreciate any insights you have!

    • hi araminta! sure thing! they held up wonderfully! i haven’t needed to repaint and they still look good as new. ours were plastic to begin with, so i’m not sure how it would hold up on wood, especially if it were already chipping, but you could strip the current paint and start from scratch? if they are plastic, i would say go for it! and keep us posted. :)