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ok, so i've been spending a lot of time lately in the latest do it yourself magazine, and this last issue was full of things that made my 'when i have time' list a little longer.  i scanned a few pages to share (sorry about the fold) with you, maybe we'll all get a little inspired to become that weekend warrior we always plan to be!

None-1is this not the loveliest work area you've ever seen?  they've taken an old crate and made it into a desk (probably in an afternoon), and used vintage drawers for those perfect organizers.

let's dissect it a little further..


yes, simple cork rounds doll those boring (and cheap) shelves up and turn them into an ever so useful tack board.  i'm thinking sketches, to-do's, cards.. and they are so much cuter than your usual cork board buy. my favorite part? with a glass cylinder, they've turned that 'haven't got to it yet yarn' into not such a daunting piece of art.


ok, here's where i get a little obsessed.  this wallpaper.  need i say more?  i have to have it.

have a lovely weekend and i hope to see you here in a few days!

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