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this year has been my first attempt at a sized-for-two organic victory garden, and, other than the occasional wounded tomato due to a hungry critter- so far so good!  right now i've got squash, cucumber, broccoli, tomatoes, zucchini, green peppers and some okra.

happy homestead

we do what we can to eat and be sustainable, so even though we are technically in the city limits- we snuck in a few laying hens (shhh).  yes, they all have names and keep us quite entertained..

plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow

aren't these the cutest windowsill planters you've ever seen?  i love the little chalkboard surface for the name of the plant.  and, wouldn't you just have to have these to use with them?

i've been needing something to *spice up my windowsill herbs- these garden markers would be just perfect.


finally, this happy garden tote was featured in real simple magazine, and is now on etsy! must have must have..

how does your garden grown?

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  • OH I am so thrilled to be included in your post today.
    I LOVE ETSY and am so appreciative for what it’s afforded me.
    Etsy allows me to be home with my children, put food on the table,
    and have a creative outlet. I love it! XOXO and many thanks.
    Love your blog and will be a forever fan. Have a great weekend.

  • Great to hear that your victory garden is striving forward. My mum lives on a nice plot of land and has a designated garden area. We planned a few things at the beginning of the reason, but many have gotten so water-logged with the unnatural amounts of rain we’ve been getting in New England. Thankfully, some has survived. :)

  • I love your garden and hens! I think gardening for me is therapy. I can spend hours weeding, watering, pruning and after I am done I feel so good about what I’ve done. I am very sad because our lettuce is pretty much done. Oh well, I still have tomatoes, kale, zuc, squash, carrots, onions and beats to look forward too. Juicing here I come!