a tiny secret and some BIG news!

hello lovelies!  wow, i've got a tiny secret and some huge news for you today!  back in june when i launched going home to roost (both the blog and the esty shop), i had a tiny secret of a huge dream.  i made a list of goals for myself and my 'mission statement'.  just where did i want all this going home to roost stuff to go?  well, i was pretty sure that the biggest goal i had would never actually happen.  so, i've never even said it out loud.  BUT, here goes. my big dream goal for 2009 was to make it somehow, somewhere into a magazine.  there.  i said it!

reader's digestwell!  thanks to reader's digest- MY DREAM CAME TRUE!!  in this year's dec/jan issue of reader's digest- going home to roost is one of the three artists they featured within an article on etsy.  WOW!!  yes, i cried.

that's me!

thank you so much reader's digest for allowing me to check off my biggest goal!

so grab the latest issue of readers digest (hitting the newsstands around nov. 21st) and read this great article about etsy and our main man, rob kalin who founded it.  it's very interesting! xoxo, bonnie

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