bit of a circus

oh my circus- cotton candy promises

hello!  it's been a bit of a circus around here this week- so i thought this was only fitting.

playing circus

i've taken this whole week off work- and we've been working away at our house non-stop!  we've sort of been climbing over each other to get stuff done- but that's no complaint because we're so grateful to all the people who are helping us!

big top sketch

things are really starting to come together- and we even have this (possibly unrealistic) goal of spending our first night there tonight!  i'll keep you posted.

keep calm and clown on

so for now- this is all we can do.  keep calm and clown on!

so, i'm taking the rest of the day off to work diligently.  i've been up to my elbows in paint all week and am ready to clean up and start moving!  i'll be posting pics via my twitter today- if you want to keep up with what we're doing!

in the meanwhile- here are some links i've been drooling over for you to enjoy!  (p.s.- they are all from home to roost commenters! (thanks!))

butterfly food:


papermango: (don't forget she's had giveaways every day this week that you can enter to win!)

the fabric shopper:

love, natalie:

brown eyed fox:

oh chalet:

blue sky butterfly:

dandy bread and candy:

the morins:


dance in my garden:

birds in chandeliers:

teal town:

making chicken salad:

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