etsy find :: eclu

i think i've fallen in love! eclu's bags have me absolutely swooning.  the beautiful design and attention to detail- not to mention the fantastic photography caught my eye, to say the least.  now i've got to figure an occasion where i would just *have to have one!

bridesmaid bundle

indian summer

shimmery clutch

peony at dusk

hope you all have a wonderful weekend, see you next week! love, me

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  • Hi Bonnie! This is Brit from your old job at REI :) I found your blog via twitter and I wanted to tell you how adorable it is! It’s been making me inspired to get back into my own artsy/crafty ways with photography and designing and such… so thanks for sharing!

    Also, since you already love etsy (who wouldn’t??), I thought you might be interested to see a site called I’ve lately been perusing it and I love it! It’s similar to etsy but has “marketplaces” where shops can reside, beautiful photography, and a very stunning and simple layout for the site. Tres cute.

    I hope you’re doing well! We were talking about you at work the other day and hoping that your self-starting businesses are doing fabulously! We’re all quite impressed (and jealous!) :)