holiday gift guide :: for the traveler

holiday gift guide

i had so much fun picking out these gifts for travelers! probably because i got to travel all over the world- right from my computer!  do get to travel much? we really haven't been able to get out of the states much- but would really love to one day.  where is the best place you've been able to travel to?


row 1 :: to the skyline leather pendant :: topographical error necktie :: the soaring locket- vintage ::

row 2 :: airplane earrings :: bamboo sleep mask :: how to make a travel duffle- pdf ::

row 3 :: detachable hip bag :: vintage map sterling pendant :: how to make luggage tags- pdf ::

row 4 :: hot air balloons together :: rosemary ruth :: colorful splash passport holder ::

row 5 :: vintage retro sunglasses :: adult travel pillow :: sailboat glass pendant ::

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