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holiday gift guide

here's a little known fact about me.. i'm really an outdoor gal at heart.  i didn't used to be- but then i met the hub, and he turned me on to the great outdoors!  he's a professional cyclist and avid mountain biker and dabbles in just about everything else- fly fishing, kayaking, mountaineering- you name it.  i'm a little less hardcore- but have done my stint at mountain and road biking, and even a little kayaking.  i took advanced rock climbing in college- and *loved it-  i wish i could go more often. we also love to backpack.  in fact, we had planned to thru hike the appalachian trail (about a 5 month adventure) but as of yet- we've just been doing a few days of the trail here and there.  the thing i love the most is trail running.  we can go together and running on a trail is so much more scenic and fun then the pavement.  plus, it's easier on the joints and all those roots keep your mind busy- so you can't think about the pain!

what are you an enthusiast about?


row 1 :: fly fishing sign :: felt boots :: bucky deer trophy ::

row 2 :: tour of california-reggie messenger :: twisted aromatic cedar walking stick :: kayak ::

row 3 :: arches, utah ::  mountain biker :: sloper ::

row 4 :: burlap chalk bag :: paw protection dog boots :: snow plume ::

row 5 :: blue dog ready for a hike :: snowboarding over the mountains decal :: chunky girl pompom ::

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  • Bonnie, I’m a city girl turned nature lover, outdoorsy girl too! My boyfriend and I love to fly fish. We love making trips to our local ponds and rivers. Something fun to do together. Love the gifts you picked out!

    • hey natalie! yay! i’ve got a little city girl in me too- but i try to keep it suppressed since i’m in the boondocks- haha! we love to fly fish- in fact that’s what his christmas stuff is all about this year! (i know he’ll never read this lol)…

  • Great gift guide! Thanks for featuring sylvialouise. We can’t get enough of cycling. Looking forward to the 2010 season. Merry Christmas!

  • Last year our family had the chance to go out and about on some rocks near a jetty in FL…my oldest daughter (she’s seven) and I loved it so much we came home and took a rock climbing class…can’t wait to get back at it this winter! It’s a sport that makes you feel strong – a great lesson for a young girl…and any woman, for that matter!