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happy december!  i found this post over at scoutie girl this morning- and fell in love!  i try to come up with a different, cheap and hopefully eco friendly way to wrap gifts each year- and baker's twine is going to be it this year!

holiday gift wrapping ideas

present for jenny (flickr)

perfect for brown paper kraft.  also, our local newspaper printer gives the end of their rolls away b/c the get to0 small to use (though there's still SO much on them!).  i used that last year- it's just unprinted newspaper on a roll- it's free and so easy to dress up!

holiday gift wrapping ideas

faux bois tags (flickr)


so where can you find this??

holiday gift wrapping ideas

swann and smerlin (etsy supplier)

holiday gift wrapping ideas

green apple divine twine

obviously, i'm in love!

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