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grey whale plushie

in lieu of my desperate need for a beach trip- i decided to go whale watching.  via some really talented artists!

whales in the middlenone
1) little whale tags 2) under the sea 3) whale notebook 4) w is for whale 5) whale watch 6) narwhal notebook

hm, i'm thinking i would like to go to new zealand.  maybe alaska?  florida?  i'll take anything!  do you have a favorite spot to vacation?

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  • Thanks so much for featuring my “Under the Sea” whale print!! As for a vacation spot, I’ve been to Alaska and it is SO worth the trip! That would be my vote (though I’d really like to check out New Zealand) :)

  • so cute!! thanks for including my little narwhal. this is a really fun group of whales- makes me wish my west palm beach trip wasn’t two months away….

  • So many adorable whales! Thank you for including my plushie :) The beaches in the South Okanagan in Canada are beautiful, refreshing and only half an hour away from my home.

  • What sweet little whales! #2 is the the clever work of my favorite gal, Stephanie…just love all her creations ;) (Lovely blog too – I’m sure I’ll be visiting again soon)

  • Thank you oh, so much for featuring my *w* is for whale picture! As for vacation, I am on one now – our yearly trip to Hayward, WI is just LOVELY – no whales, but beautiful lakes, trees, and wildlife!