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today i am excited to share with you an inside look at an artist that i've been obsessed with for a while now.  Jennifer Mullin's work is so unique and so lovely- i just love it.  i hope you enjoy getting to know her a little better!

1)tell us a little about yourself: 9 months out of the year, I am a high school art and art history teacher. In the summer, I am pretty much a full time artist.

2)where is home? a little brick bungalow in Rockford, IL

3)other than your etsy shop- what do you do? I’m a full time high school teacher.  I love to cook, garden, shop and eat locally, practice yoga, exercise and read. I’m also a big Chicago Cubs fan.

4)are you a self-taught artist? I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in Art Education.

5)how, what or who got you first started? I’ve always loved art. My high school art classes and teachers really inspired me to think of art as a career aspiration. Art was the highlight of my school day and always thought it would be fun to spend all day in the art room.  I didn’t start really start seriously regularly making my own art until 2006. I spent a summer in Portland Oregon and was so inspired by trips to the Portland Classical Chinese Garden, the Pearl District parks, and the International Rose Test Garden at Washington Park. It was then I started working in my current collage style and started selling my art.

6)what inspirations really feed your creative side? 1.) Walking around my neighborhood – I love checking out all the unique architecture in my old neighborhood and am very inspired by the spring and summer foliage.  2.) trolling etsy, art & design blogs, and flickr.  3.) I am lucky to work in a very prestigious art program with very talented students.  My students and what they do very much inspire me!

7)what's your typical day look like? I’ll tell you about my summer day, much more fun.
Get up around 8ish, make coffee to drink while I check my email, etsy, my favorite blogs and the like.
Around 9 I head for the gym for a yoga class or a run on the treadmill and weights.
If its Farmer’s market day, I love to check it out and buy something yummy for dinner.
Next comes breakfast and the newspaper. I don’t ever skip either!!
I try to spend the afternoon in the studio working.  I listen to the Cubs or NPR on the radio as I work. My goal this summer is to create something new every day.
In the evening, my boyfriend comes over for dinner. I’ve been doing a lot of cooking using ingredients from my own garden and the farmer’s market lately. It feels good and tastes good to eat locally produced food!
After dinner, we watch a little TV. We are currently watching Dexter on DVD.
Boyfriend goes home and I read a bit before bed. (I’m embarrassed to admit I’m reading Mommywood, by Tori Spelling.)
That’s about it!
Home to Roost
8)what is your favorite thing to do on a sunday afternoon?
Hang out with my boyfriend. He works 6 days a week, so Sunday is the day we really get to spend time.

9)anything else you would like to share?
I just started a blog:
I collaborate with Cat of Polarity and Uncorked on Etsy. She features my artwork on lockets and corks.

you can find jennifer elsewhere at her shop, flickr, twitter and blog.

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