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farm chicks

what better for the weekend, than a link that will keep you going all weekend long?!  the farm chicks website and blog have been my latest love.  full of fun and inspirational info and diy ideas.


check out their product page for recipe cards, jewelry, cute tees and more.

for this weekend's diy- here's the farm chicks take on one of those standard magnetic knife racks! cute, huh?

here's the how-to:

materials: magnetic knife rack (there's is from ikea), materiel of your choice (they used fabric), and a hot glue gun- that's it!

1.) iron fabric, and lay out wrong side up.

2.) place knife rack face down on fabric.

3.) cut fabric all around rack, about 3/4 of an inch larger than rack, or wide enough to be able to pull fabric over the inside lip of the rack.

4.) pull fabric over the inside lip of the rack, gluing into place as you go.

5.) mount according to package instructions.

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