let’s go :: camping

little campsite

for july fourth this year, we're going camping!  our favorite spot is snuggled right in the mountains at a place called tsali.  a beautiful lake and 30 miles of hiking and biking trails make us feel right at home.

camp collage

clockwise from top left: potomac kayak, camp tea towels, cedar's portrait, hearts affire, herbal insect repellent, eye pillow, whooo loves you card, kayak

we'll go kayaking in the glossy waters of fontana lake and throw toaster, our golden retriever, in the kayak with us.  we'll certainly need those dish towels to clean up after a messy lunch of peanut butter and honey sandwiches.  toaster will keep us company and we'll throw him some marshmallows as we roast them over the fire.  i will certainly need this herbal insect repellent- mosquitoes love me! and this beautiful eye pillow will keep me resting well, even though we always wake up to the whippoorwills and owls singing to each other during the night.

what are you doing this fourth of july?

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