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light up my life by cricket and bear


lightning bugs by cricketpress

to me, summer isn't here until the lightning bugs come out.  tonight they made their first grand appearance.  my breath was taken away when i went outside, and i caught myself laughing as i stood in our yard.  they were everywhere!  it took me back to the days when my sister and i used to catch them and use them as nightlights in our bedroom (kinda cruel?).  how beautiful it is that they come and light up our yards.  so, i was inspired to find some fellow lightning bug- lovers!  here are a few more...


1) enlightened fireflies by johnwgolden

2) first song- an illustrated book by sprouthead

3) firefly & lightning bug at night by chellelynn

4) lightning bug love summer memories by acldesignscards

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  • What a wonderful reminder of memories past! My sister and I also caught them in jars – but we never thought to use them as nightlights! Brilliant! (But yeah, a little mean, haha) – another thing we would do in the summer – play in the driveway in the rain – we’d put rocks in the curb gutter and sit in the rain at the edge of the driveway, listening to our “babbling brook.” :) XO