lighten up a little!

with the new house- i've been thinking about lighting. a lot.  i think the small things like light fixtures and door knobs are what make a house so unique.  i've changed about everyone of them- and though i think everyone's tired of being my 'electrician' - that's what makes the house uniquely ours!


these are some of the light fixtures i got from ikea- and they are making the house so bright and inviting!  i love the white and all the unique, clean lines they give.  check out their lighting page to see all the endless possibilities!


1 :: white burlap drum shade 2:: vintage minimalist 3 :: wire light pendant chandelier 4 :: lil bloom pendant chandelier 5 :: orono. vintage ball jar pendant 6 :: wire flower shade

i'm also looking for something unique for our screened in porch.  i am *loving the wirey look but just can't decide! what do you think?

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