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at this early stage in our life, our dog is like our kid- what can i say, we love him like family!  so, to spread a bit of puppy love, i thought you might like to see these leashes i made.  they are pretty easy and i have total confidence that you can do it too!

by the way- i know you're jealous of my ironing board cover..

supplies you'll need:

  • one  2" strip of fabric as long as you would like your leash to be.  mine are 60" long (you can piece two pieces together if you need to).
  • one strip of 1" cotton webbing (or rock climbing webbing!) the same length as your fabric.
  • 1 swivel hook (found at hardware stores)
  • thread and your sewing gear
  1. cut your webbing and you fabric to the desired length of your leash- make sure you take into consideration extra length for making the handle and attaching the clasp- about 12". (if you need to piece two pieces of fabric together, place the two ends right sides together and sew a straight line ¼" from the ends- backstitching at each end.  press the seams open on the back so that it will lay flat without much bulk).
  2. iron the 2" strip of fabric in half- right down the middle (fold wrong side together- so that you see the right side of the fabric on the outside).


3.   using your new crease as a guideline, fold one half of your strip in ¼" then another ¼" and press again.

4.   do the same thing on the other side.

5.   once the length of your fabric is pressed, fold it around your webbing- you should have a 1" space where it will lay nicely.

6.   starting at one end, straight stitch down the backside of the leash attaching the fabric with about an 1/8" seam    allowance.


7.   repeat on the other side.

8.   you are ready now to make the handle!  fold the raw edge of one side under to make it look finished and stitch across it. then, fold your leash far enough down to create the size handle you would like.  stitch the webbing together with a rectangle that has an "X'" in the middle.

9.  to add the clasp fold down and finish the end like you did the other end.  feed that end through your swivel hook.  fold it down and stitch the webbing together with a rectangle that has an "X" in the middle.

10.   you're done- take fido for a walk!


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