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please welcome the fabric shopper to going home to roost!  if you're a fabric addict like i am- the fabric shopper is a dream come true!  the wonderful rosie searches for amazing fabrics- and brings them to you (when she's not sewing or grandbaby hugging that is)!  along with loads of eye candy, rosie gives you access to tutorials, patterns, pattern reviews and books to inspire you.  a go-to sight for anyone needing inspiration or the latest fabric find!

thank you, rosie, for supporting going home to roost!

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  • Thank you, dearie :-) It is a pleasure to be a sponsor of your wonderful blog. I do have a sweet life, sewing fabric, reading about fabric, talking about fabric, finding all the cool shops that sell fabric and the most fun seeing all the wonderful things people make from fabric ….whew!

    And, of course, there is that grandbaby hugging …. that’s not bad, either!