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spool no

wow.  i got the most delightful email this week from heather paul introducing me to spool no. 72- and i am so excited that she did!  i've completely fallen in love with everything from spool no. 72- and have been swooning over it ever since.  my christmas list has grown quite a bit since i saw these lovelies.  i'm especially dying over the cream sweaters on row 2 & 3- and the roost necklace on the bottom row (i mean... hello!).  anyways, enough about how much i've been dreaming about all this and trying to rearrange my bank account to afford it all.... here's a little more about them:

spool no. 72 was founded on the simple idea that style and design can and should easily co-exist.  their unfussy approach to style is completely reflected in their easy to wear and *gorgeous apparel.  this style says 'me' all over it- i love timeless pieces that can be effortlessly 'thrown' on and make you feel pretty and sophisticated all day!

make sure to check out their loverly blog too!

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