thanksgiving is my favorite holiday

hi lovelies!  i thought i would take a moment to share with you why thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  i'm a foodie kinda gal.  i appreciate good, home-cooked, whole foods.  if you think about it, the united states doesn't have that many 'original' holidays that don't center around hamburgers and hot dogs- so a hearty thanksgiving meal makes me happy.  i also don't think that the u.s. has a really strong cuisine.  countries that have been around for centuries and centuries have formed a specific taste for different foods (think thai, mexican and italian food!)- and i refuse to believe that ours is french fries and corn syrup.  to me, thanksgiving represents our 'cuisine' at its best.  i love being able to bring in the homegrown harvest to share with family and friends.  i know many people don't do thanksgiving like this any more- but there's something really special about being able to grow your own food and share it with it others.  it's like digging in the dirt for the past few months has really paid off- and it feels so good.  so that's why i love thanksgiving- and i love digging in the dirt!

i hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving- and even if you don't celebrate thanksgiving where you are- it's fun to think about all the things we're thankful for.  i'll be taking tomorrow off and be back on friday to share some special black friday/cyber monday deals with you! don't miss the post below to learn how to share your sales with me- and get a little extra publicity!

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