today is my birthday!

today is my birthday!  in lieu of this {very} special occasion, i thought i would skip today's etsy savoir faire post, share a few of my all-time favorite things with you, and then take the rest of the day off!  david woke me up to the smell of pancakes and fresh coffee this morning and even gave me the last of the orange juice. :)  later tonight, we're going to have an old-fashioned birthday dinner with the grandparents and all!

my birthday2

1) say yest to carrots! my favorite shampoo

2) my janome magnolia sewing machine

3) bamboo cooking spoons- they never fade in the dishwasher

4) round rugs from urban outfitters

5) full story mascara from origins

6) sweet olive shift dress from anthropologie

7) peppermint tea

8) belgian tervurens!

9) bamboo rice (just recently discovered.. yum!!)

10) jittery joe's morning ride organic coffee (drinking it right now)

11) unbleached unrefined organic sugar - (also drinking right now)

12) my chickens! i ordered them here.

13) my kitchen wallpaper - woods by cole and son

14) steamed artichokes

15) my husband!! (he's my all-time favorite thing)

16) dandelion's greens flatware from anthropologie

17) my green wedding shoes from nine west

18) bolga market basket (take it everywhere!)

19) owl teapot set from anthropologie

20) all-time favorite book :: animal, vegetable, miracle

21) bamboo sheets (so snugly soft)

22) revolution yoga mat

23) faux wood shelves from westelm

(can you figure out how old i am??) see you tomorrow!

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