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bberriesstrawberry season by lisaburch

this is my favorite time of year (beware: i change my mind about four times a year).  everything is blooming and roadside vegetable stands are popping up all over town.  nothing makes me feel more in love than hoisting my canvas bag over my shoulder and picking out some fresh squash, only to be distracted by the strawberries across the way.

ever added how many miles your food traveled to reach your plate? wouldn't it feel great if it were under 100?  under 50?  why do people even eat local?  here are few quick reasons why...

1) it tastes better! at a farmers’ market, most produce has been picked within the last 24 hours. it's ripe, fresh, and full of flavor, unlike supermarket food that may have been picked weeks or months before. 2) know what you're eating.  get to know the farmers, do they use pesticides? if so, which kinds? 3) learn what's in season and why it's just natural to have blackberries in the summer.  4) discover new flavors. ever tried a blue potato or a purple green bean? 5) support your local economy- let the farmer's know how much they mean to us!

what's in season now?  find out here.  for north carolina it's: blueberries, blackberries, cabbage, corn, cucumber, eggplant, green beans, leafy greens, peaches, peanuts, peppers, potatoes, summer squash, sweet potatoes and watermelon- yum!

so- go ahead! grab your bag and get to the market.  what's your favorite local food?

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