thank you thank you thank you!

since i found my camera- i figured i should give a proper thank you to all of our wonderful friends and family who have been helping us with the house! plus, it will give you a sneak peek of our renovations.  there's no way we could have done all of this without your help!


this is my dear sis-in-law and her beau robert.  they traveled over 3 hours to come spend the weekend with us and help!  and, did such professional work- hung crown molding like a couple of pros!


lindsay and chad came from over an hour away- and put in such hard work!  they are probably still sore from all the painting they did.  we would still have trim to paint if it weren't for them.  plus, they kept us laughing the whole time. :)


mom gave us a hand in painting, mopping and decor opinions- thanks for all your help mom!


here's my good ol' dad working in the yard- so handy!


sandy is my mom-in-law and she and tom have just about been over helping us every night.  i can't even tell you all they've done!  so fun, so helpful, so sweet, and i'm so thankful!


dad-in-law tom here- who knew he was so handy!  he's hung shelves, changed out lights, painted, put together new furniture and so much more!  he's probably going to regret revealing all of his hidden talents- but as long as i p the cookies coming, i think he'll be happy.


this is my dear sis becky.  always dependable and always willing to help.  plus- she's an awesome painter!


and chris- her professional electrician boyfriend (score!).


good friends cory and bethany came as well.  they hung shelves and all the cabinets in my new sewing room- (which i can't wait for you to see!).  cory built his house and bethany works construction for a living- so again we were blessed with the talents of some wonderful people!

me + david

finally, here is david and i.  though it was loads of fun giving orders- we tried to put in our fair share of work too!

again, thank you so much to everyone for helping us out.  we are indebted to you! so, don't forget us the next time you move!  we love you all! xox, bonnie and dave

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