photo editing using picnik {2}

as promised when we talked about using picnik to help edit your photos, here are a few of your pictures, before and after editing using picnik!

banner before

this darling banner comes from drawn to letters, who has some difficulty taking pictures of banner indoors.  taking pics indoors can sometimes be difficulty, but the most important thing to remember is to get close to a window, turn the flash off and use only natural daylight.

banner after

here's the after of her banner picture, and here's what i did using picnik:

click on exposure. set the exposure to 5, and the contrast to 11.  then clicked on advanced and set the brightness to -16.
heading on over to colors, slide the saturation 10 and the temperature to 12.
finally, go to sharpness and slide it up to about 6.

this brightened and livened up the photo quite a bit!  warm colors are a bit difficult to work with, but this helped bring some extra life into the photo.

elephant pillow before

this adorable elephant pillow and fabric basket comes from a new shop on the block, b*lota handmade.  she's got all the basics of a great photo correct, a nice background with a window near by, and all natural daylight.  perfect timing for a little editing!

elephant pillow after

here's the after, and boy did it clean up nicely!  here's what i did:

first, i cropped in just a bit to bring the attention closer to the product, and delete any unnecessary background.

click on exposure. slide the exposure up to 27, and the contrast up to 16.  looking better already!
next, click on colors and slide the saturation up to 5 and the temperature down to -2.
finally, click on sharpness and up it to about 10. within about 2 minutes, the difference is definitely worth it!

you can of course then play with corners, text and borders, but for etsy photo shots- simplicity is always best.  i wanted to offer you these two examples so that you could play with them yourself and see what works and what doesn't. practice makes perfect!  let me know if you have any questions!

(for more on picnik, read this article).

xo, bonnie

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