a guest post by my mom: diy pumpkin vase

hi all! this is bonnie's mom, maxine, and i'm so excited to post for you today! i am always inspired by bonnie's projects- in fact, her whole life inspires me. i inherited a few of her youngest chickens when she left for colorado and they began to lay this week! i was absolutely thrilled. one of them is an easter egger, which means she will lay blue eggs. i really miss bonnie, but i know she's where she is supposed to be right now, and i'm excited for her.

diy pumpkin fower vase

she asked if i'd like to post instructions for a floral arrangement that i made for becky's (her sister's) halloween party. this arrangement would be nice to use through thanksgiving and it's really very easy to do.

diy pumpkin fower vase


- a pumpkin
- assorted flowers
- assorted greenery (i used hydrangea stems, bradford pear tree limbs and ornamental grasses, all from my yard)
- chicken wire (about 5" x 24") or florists foam (the kind that absorbs water)

diy pumpkin fower vase


step 1: cut out the top of the pumpkin. save it to use in the arrangement.
step 2: clean out the inside of the pumpkin and discard. (seeds and gooey stuff)
step 3: roll up the chicken wire into a loose ball & stuff it inside the pumpkin. it won't move around if you push it in place. if you don't have chicken wire you can use florist foam. it needs to be slightly larger than the inside bottom half of the pumpkin so that it will stay firmly in place.
step 4: use a florist pick or wire to attach the pumpkin top to the front side of the pumpkin edge. I used a few 3" long florist wire pick.
step 5: arrange your flowers as desired. add the greenery where needed.
step 6: fill with water and enjoy!

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