back porch projects :: diy vases

in order for our back porch makeover to be affordable, i had to get a little crafty (not to mention thrifty)!  here's how i made all those yellow vases (super easy peasy).

diy flower vases

i paid less than $2 for these three vases- all plastic and all thrifted!  with a little high gloss spray paint...

japanese washi tape

{peach japanese masking tape and red and white washi masking tape}

and a little japanese washi tape...

diy vases with paint and tape

you can have brand new, beautiful vases!  the three of these were finished within about 15 minutes.

i'm not sure which stars aligned that allowed me to find this yellow lace at a thrift store one day, but i bought a realm of about 200 yards for $2.  woot woot!

diy vases

i still need to find a little plant to go in this one, but she's waiting patiently here until i do.

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