chalkboard garden pot labels

chalkboard planting pots

just in case you missed it, my diy chalkboard garden pots were featured on design*sponge yesterday!  it's such an easy peasy, fun project, and it uses the same technique for custom color chalkboard paint that we used for our pantry door. budget friendly and finished in less than an hour, this project is an easy way to pretty up your home, patio or garden!

chalkboard planting pots


- terra cotta gardening pots (unglazed)
-1 cup flat latex paint in your desired color
- 2 tbs unsanded tile grout for each cup of paint (avail. at your local hardware store)
- sponge brush
- tape
- paper
- exacto knife (or scissors)
- chalk
- label template

chalkboard planting pots


1. download the label template and cut each shape out into rectangles that will fit onto your pot (you can increase or decrease the label size for varying pot sizes).

2. using an exacto knife or scissors, cut the templates out from the inside to create your stencil.  tape the stencil to your garden pot along the outside edges.

chalkboard planting pots

3. in a cup or bowl, mix one cup flat latex paint with 2 tbs unsanded tile grout, then stir well until all of the clumps dissolve.

4. dip the sponge brush into your ‘chalkboard’ paint and begin painting inside you stencil using brush strokes from the outside in.  fill in the stencil, being careful not to get paint under the edges of the paper.  let paint dry (about 15 minutes) and apply a second coat.

chalkboard planting pots

5. once the second coat is dry (another 15 minutes) remove the tape and stencil to reveal your chalkboard design!

6. once fully cured ’season’ your chalkboard by rubbing the entire area with a piece of chalk and wipe clean with a damp cloth.  now you’re ready to write away!

chalkboard planting pots

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