decorating plastic bags

friday already? that's what the calendar says!  the mister is taking me out of town until next wednesday, a rendezvous around the state to see some friends, and i'm so excited!  though i have to say, my 'to do' list to get done before we leave is a little overwhelming, but i think i can get it all done. ;)  i'll have my laptop so everything here will be as usual here around blogland, i just won't be writing you from my usual spot!

decorating plastic bags

would you have ever thought?  babalisme decorated these plastic baggies using only three magic markers: red, black and blue. aren't they adorable?

decorating plastic bags

i love baggies because they're so great for organization and keeping things tidy.  you can also just stick 'em in the dishwasher and reuse them again and again (and the marker will stay!). what do you think?  between this and the ceramic painting pens, are you inspired to get to doodling?

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