diy :: make your own custom colored chalkboard

along with my plant frenzies, i had a little time to get crafty as well!  i ran across this article on how to paint your own chalkboard as i was organizing some of my magazines.  i had torn it out and stuck it another magazine over 3 years ago!!  i remembered how much i loved the project, and picked up the necessities on my lowes expedition.

what you need:

- flat latex paint in your desired color

- unsanded tile grout (2 tbls for each 1 cup of paint)

- a roller or brush

- 150 grit sandpaper

- painter's tape

- chalk

how to:

- for small areas, mix one cup at a time.  stir 2 tbsp of unsanded tile grout into one cup of paint, making sure any clumps dissolve.

- apply the mixture to either a roller or brush and and begin painting your surface.  make sure to coat evenly and thoroughly (mine took about 3 coats).  then, let it dry.

- once dry, sand the surface with your 150 grit sand paper to smooth it.

- to condition, run your chalk complety over the entire surface, and wipe clean.

- enjoy your new chalkboard!

here's my lonesome door before...

and here it is after!

oh the endless possibilities :: cabinet doors, pantry doors, wall spaces, children's wall, office desks and more!

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