diy project :: fabric leaf bowls

fabric leaf bowls

one of my favorite diy projects to date have been these easy to make fabric leaf bowls.  i found the tutorial on martha stewart's website and quickly got inspired (as usual) to get busy gathering my materials.

fabric leaf bowls

aren't they pretty?  perfect for layering or holding goodies.  i often place dry snacks in them for guests like nuts, crackers and candies.  the bowls are made from tweed and wool felt so can be spot cleaned as needed.

fabric leaf bowls


- wool felt

- tweed*

- sewing machine with coordinating thread

- scissors

- fusible webbing (found at any sewing shop)

- tracing pen

*i went thrift shopping and picked up some fun tweed jackets to cut up and use!

fabric leaf bowls

here's the how to:

1. first things first you need to download and print out the oak-leaf bowl template from martha stewart.  you can resize them to create bowls of various shapes.  using your scissors, cut each template out following the template lines.

2. cut 1 rectangle from each of your materials (1 tweed, 1 wool felt and 1 fusible webbing) for each of your leaves, large enough to accommodate each leaf template.

3. stack the 3 fabrics with the webbing in the middle and press using your iron until the webbing has fused.

4.  trace your template onto one side of your fused rectangle with a disappearing ink pen (found at any craft/sewing shop).

5. cut out the leaf.

6. using your sewing machine, sew up each of the 5 v shaped darts, using either a zigzag or satin stitch.  working from the inside out, simply pull the fabric together as you stitch (don't overlap it).  i found using tweezers or straight pins helped push the fabric together towards the ends.

fabric leaf bowls

sewing up the darts creates a bowl shape and each leaf will be reversible (so make sure your bobbin thread looks good, too!)  feel free to go back with your iron to touch the tips of your leaf, giving them curl in your desired direction.

what do you think? don't forget to visit martha's site for the original article and even a tutorial video to refer to!

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