diy tea bag envelope

even though coffee seems to be my default, there's something really special about a hot cup of tea.  i'm not sure if it's the endless flavor options or the way i feel relaxed as i sip out of a teacup, but tea to me means special times.  my mister just discovered tea (as well as baking) and though he seems to be obsessed with yerba mate, i'm excited to introduce to him all the different varieties.

diy tea bag envelope

when i saw this diy for tea bag envelopes, i knew i wanted to share it with you!  it comes from a print a day and though this downloadable paper comes in a pack, she offers lots of fun prints for free on her website. perfect for place settings, gifts, wedding favors or gift cards, you can  skip on over to a print a day for the full (easy) tutorial and instructions.

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