diy :: using porcelain paint pens

diy porcelain paint pens

{valentine's plate}

you know i always talk about my next creative endeavor? well, i can assure you, this will be it!  welcome to the world of porcelain paint pens, friends!

diy porcelain paint pens

{tea for two and fine}

it always amazes me when i find a new craft, it's like how did i survive without knowing this? you can purchase porcelain paint pens from any craft store (like michaels or a.c. moore) and get to creating your own pottery in no time. draw on your design, bake it in your conventional oven at 300°f for 30 minutes and you're done!  (i also read that it's good practice to place your piece in the oven at room temp, let them preheat together, then cool off together before removing).

diy porcelain paint pens

{diy painted porcelain}

and the best part is? you don't even have to be an artist! all you have to do is doodle, write, scribble, or play.  i love projects that allow you to turn thrifted, boring or inexpensive pieces into personalized art- and this one definitely qualifies.

diy porcelain paint pens


porcealin paint pens diy

{porcelain decoration tutorial}

think about all the possibilities- plates, bowls, mugs, subway tiles, coasters, pitchers... i have a set of plain 'ol porcelain plates just waiting to be doodled on!

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