weekend diy :: nature inspired projects

happy friday!  just in case you have some down time this weekend, here are some fun projects from diy ideas nature inspired crafts segment.  i'm thinking that there are a ton of ways to use these downloads!


they have used these downloads (below) to create an accordion style screen for the mantle.  i'm printing some of them right now! i think i'll punch a hole in the top and tack them to my craft room wall until i figure out further what to do with them.  you could use them as art, a collage, or hang them vertically- similar to what they've done above.  p.s. i like the birds nest and moss downloads especially (not pictured above).

how to:

begin with four equal-size pieces of foam-core board. connect them with tiny craft hinges (available at your local crafts store). then use spray adhesive to attach color copies of the patterns below-or your own nature photographs, magazine images, or even floral fabrics.


mushroom trio
pinecone close-up
fern fronds
bird's nest

cute again, but i've got my thinking cap on for other ways to use these prints! from there suggestion- heavier jars would make pretty bookends..

how to:

grab a few glass jars and old florist vases. download the images below, print and cut out. curl the papers inside the glass jars and put on display.


mushroom group

these gifts boxes are almost pretty enough to have just sitting around.  it would be nice to have some on hand for that surprise birthday i forgot about!

download!seedpod box
leaf box

what are your ideas?

well, i'm off to finish my 'surprise'- i'll be back in later today to share with you what i've been working on!

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  • ooh – love these! I have paper and fabric matted and framed all over my house – afterall, they are art even before someone creates something with them…a few of these are going to end up in my home office (I just moved in to it, and it needs some TLC)…thanks for the finds!

    can’t wait to read about your surprise later!!