52 MORE weeks of blogging your passion

my dear friend and blogging genius, tara gentile of scoutie girl is at it again!  Do you remember her first book?  Well buckle up, as the sequel, 52 MORE weeks of blogging your passion, will get you blogging with intention in no time!

sometimes i blog with intention, whereas other times i have to admit that i get lost in blogland and lose my aim.  in 52 MORE weeks of blogging your passion, tara answers questions on how to engage your readers more thoroughly as she teaches you to inspire, lead and provide true value to them.  you'll be setting goals, reaching them and creating a connected community through your blog in no time!

52 More weeks of blogging your passion

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tara is a true motivator and has a special knack for getting your bloggie bum into gear. her new book will guide you through 12 months of 12 intentions and 52 fresh writing ideas.  if you're ready to step your blog up to the next level, this book was made for you!  

52 MORE weeks of blogging your passion is now available for preorder.  buy it today at a special discounted rate and take advantage of tara's invitation to attend an exclusive webinar with her where you can ask questions, meet other bloggers, and learn a lot! you'll receive the first 3 chapters at time of purchase (14 writing prompts) and receive the full ebook on september 22.  tara has done everything from help me get started blogging (many moons ago) to setting up my own e-course and e-book.  she is genuine, brilliant and so eager to help- and from my own first hand experience, i highly recommend her work to you. get started by clicking here!

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