favorite wrapping supplies

favorite wrapping supplies!
#1: wish i could buy 100 sheets of this vintage paper

#2. circle circle dot dot! 100 kraft paper tags

#3. santa clause and stag deco tape? yes, please!

#4. i love this pretty kraft tissue paper, to go with the natural/woodsy theme

#5. does this candy cane gift bag resemble chevron?? i think so

#6. i'm using this tape bundle to wrap this year- as i still love bold contrasts

#7. i'll wrap things up in red baker's twine till i can't wrap no more

#8. cute cute cute idea - sewing ruffled crepe trim

#9. so affordable and so easy to spruce up: brown kraft paper

this year, i'm wrapping with #1, 6, 7 & 9. plus, using these gift tags.

what are you wrapping with?


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