amy karol’s easy envelopes

good morning! i was pleasantly surprised to wake up and find one of amy karol's tutorials on making snack bags over on poppytalk! after perusing around a bit, i decided to share another one of her tutorials with you. :)

this tutorial is amy karol's take on making homemade envelopes- lazy style!  author of angry chicken and accomplished book writer (one of my favorites- bend the rules sewing!), her world can keep you busy for hours.  i absolutely love her video tutorials- her voice is so soothing and her sense of humor will keep you laughing the whole way through.  she's definitely my kind of gal, not following the rules, using what you got and getting it done! i hope you enjoy this, and don't miss her tutorial on making easy snack bags with no velcro for back to school- they are cute, practical and easy!

amy karol elsewhere :: {shop} {blog} {site}

(note: once you click play, you'll have to then click 'watch on youtube')

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