mini beret

red gloves


talk about shops that make me happy- here's another one! dadaya by shan shan makes me feel cozy and cute inside.  i don't want to sound wimpy to all you northerners- but it's 12° here and the highs this week are in the 20s and low 30s.  burrrr!  i've been hibernating next to my fire and russian tea as much as i can.  seeing these adorable mitts, toboggans and cute berets are warming me up from the inside out.  i'm wearing just about all the clothing i own and am still freezing outside- how are all of you surviving in sub zero temps?

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  • Bonnie, I know exactly how you feel! I’ve lived in the NW my whole life and I will never get used to the cold. And here its a wet cold, even worse. I think I’ll go warm up with some tea too!

  • First, welcome back!

    COLD?! Yes! Here in MN, with windchill, we have been colder than – 20 (yep, 20 BELOW zero) each evening and morning. It’s given us a reason to work on some stalled projects…got our niche set up with a comfy rug and game table along with a collage of frames hung with summer vacation and warm nature photos. Bring on the cold – we’ll be cozy in our niche :)