diy :: paint your own cabinet knobs


when we moved to our new house, we really looked for ways to improve the place without spending tons of money.  since we were working on a tight budget, we decided to keep the existing cabinets, and do what we could do spruce 'em up.  replacing cabinet knobs is an easy way to do this, but even knobs can cost a pretty penny, so we decided to make our own!


wooden knobs cost a fraction of the price of designer knobs and with a little know-how can easily be transformed into something unique.

what you'll need:

- plain wooden knobs (mine are natural woodcraft knobs)

- a small paint sample of the color you would like the knobs to be (lowe's offers any paint color in 8oz samples)

- white spray paint (available at your local hardware store)

- 3m all purpose sanding sponge


the how to:

spray paint your knobs all white.  it's helpful to go ahead and start the screw on the back of the knob so you have something to hold on to.   it's also helpful to have something to stick the screw into to allow the knob to dry (i used a block of foam).

*once dry, paint the top coat color on with a brush, i used color #A64-2 called 'sweet pea' by valspar.

*once both layers are fully dry (usually after sitting over night) take the sand sponge and rough up the edges and center.  all of them will be a little different- which creates a cohesive yet eclectic vintage look.

easy breezy, right? :)

well i'm signing off for the day, it's raining so i'm going stay in and start planning my garden for this summer, yay!  i also wanted to remind you that this weekend is the last chance you'll have to take the roost survey and enter the giveaway!  i'll be collecting all the data this weekend and will announce the winner on monday, good luck!

last chance to:


(don't forget! make sure to leave a comment on this post to be entered in the giveaway!)

what are you doing this weekend?  love! bonnie

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  • I *love* your new kitchen. I poured over the pictures of your home re-do’s yesterday and was just intoxicated. :) I can’t wait til we buy a home one day, and have the freedom to paint, knock down walls, pound nails, etc! :)

  • Bonnie, Thanks so much for this how to. We have been looking for cabinet knobs for the house, but on a tight budget. Looked at the glass ones that match the old glass door knobs in the house, but way too expensive. Very excited to to give these a whirl. Thanks a bunch

  • You always have great ideas! This post caught my eye because just this morning I was admiring an old porcelain door knob in the bedroom, thinking how pretty it was, and wondering if there are any unique ones to be found on Etsy…

  • Just found your website from Young House Love.. absolutely stunning house! Such an inspiration!

    I used to think I loved “new” and “cookie cutter” type houses (don’t ask me why? trendy, maybe?)- but houses like yours with such character and warmth– AH, I’m in love. :)

    • oh thank you jessica! there’s certainly something to be said about ‘new’ and trendy houses- i love that look, too! since we were given old, we ran with it- and now i love it just as much! i like to think about the story behind it all. i just found a bunch of old glass as i dug us a new garden, how nostalgic!

  • I am looking for countertops and really liek the butcherrblocks from Ikea, however I was not sure how they would keep in the long run especially around the sink with all the exposure to water. I also notice you dont have a backsplash. Did you treat the wod a certain way to protect it from going bad? thanks! love your home:)

  • Why paint the knobs white first? Could I alternately just put on the topcoat so that when I distress it’s only wood revealed? I am so new to distressing… don’t want to do it wrong. Thanks

    • hi jessie! you certainly don’t have to, though you might have to apply more coats of the color as the white also serves as a primer. i wanted to see bits of white come through the distressing, but if you would prefer not to then by all means leave it off! :)