eco friendly ideas for the home

i found these eco chic ideas over at wholeliving- not only are they all eco friendly (find all 25 here) but some of them are really cute and totally diy!


i love this mixed glass centerpiece.  seems like i'm always falling in love with vintage glassware, but can never figure out what to do with them! this is also an easy breezy way of showing off your greens- bringing little bits of your garden inside!

i've  been re-covering a few chairs lately, and i love the idea of using an old sweater to do so! in fact, i just found one that our dear doggie chewed a whole in.  thanks, toaster, for making me materials for this project!


i'm sure you've heard about the dangers plastics can lead to.  if you heat food up in plastic containers, put hot food in them for storage, or drink from plastic water bottles that have gotten hot in your car- they can leach toxic carcinogenic chemicals into your system.  so, i switched to all glass containers a while back.  ikea offers affordable storage containers, and i often thrift for glass finds.  an easy and quite affordable way to cut your exposure to toxins!

this totally diy cork trivet is so cute, isn't it?  what a great way to put those corks to use..


a scarf quilt- i love this idea! don't you have some old scarves or maybe one from your aunt you wouldn't be caught dead in? combining them in this quick quilt makes for a cozy, scrappy kind of look.

combining the wax from you're almost burnt out candles can give them a little extra life.  as long as the candles aren't in anything metal, you can just pop them in your microwave, melt the was, remove the old wick, and pour into a new container.  you can find brand new wicks at your local craft store and it's simple to hot glue one into the bottom of a container.  this way, you won't have to throw away all those almost-empty candles!

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  • i’m totally in love with the idea of making a blanket from some extra scarves in my closet. I was just thinking that my scarf situation was getting out of hand….now I don’t have to feel guilty about getting rid of some.

  • Love these ideas, especially the trivet and the glass centerpiece. (Something to do with my little glass collection that’s gathering dust on top of the fridge!)

  • Hi Bonnie,
    Just stopping by from ’52’ forum to say hi. Your blog is beautiful and these ideas are awesome. Your intro got my interest when you said you were in North Carolina (sooo beautiful). I lived in Atlanta and miss it a little. Now in sunny (and very hot) Australia. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

    • hi libby! it’s so nice to meet you! oh, we love atlanta too- but would love to visit the outback! had fun on your blog this morning- so cute. :) i look forward to getting to know you more!

  • This was an incredibly satisfying post! I have an utter LOVE for random old vintage bottles (and have found a few behind the 100+ year old house I live in) and love the idea of grouping them all on a centerpiece tray.

    You really do source such great goods!

    • umberdove- yay! i’m so glad you liked it! i too, have found it incredibly helpful- i just gathered all my old bottles yesterday! i’ve got this gorgeous red berry bush in bloom outside and cut a few sprigs for it, so pretty!

  • Excellent article. Using natural materials or reusing old objects, you can create excellent elements of an interior. For example, using cans. What do we usually do with them? We take their contents (olives, sauces, canned goods) and throw them into the trash can. But there are so many interesting ways how you can use cans – re-vase for flowers, organizers for the office in your home office, storage containers for kitchen utensils and other ideas. For most projects, you only need a few cans, paints, decorative paper and glue. Also after the repair you can have a wallpaper. They can be useful to you in the decor – they can cover the inner walls of the shelves, upgrade the lampshade. There are a lot of options))