fresh – a must see!

hello lovelies!  have you all seen this movie? i just shared it in the comment section of the next post, but i love it so much that i wanted to share it here!  it's just a quick snippet of a new movie coming out called fresh and discusses our food system and the health of humans on the planet.  the beauty of it has made me tear up more than once (not kidding) and it's a must see!

"I am a caretaker of creation, and what I'm supposed to do is leave it in better shape for the next generation than I found it. period." -Joel Salatin

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  • Thanks for sharing this. I can always use extra advice. Also can you tell me how to grab the buttons. I am new to blogging and I have noticed this. It sound fun and alot of people like to advertise. I am having fun and kinda confused with the buttons. Thanks.

    • hi kim! thank you! i’m not sure what your questions is, but i’m happy to help! why don’t you send me an e-mail: goinghometoroost {at} gmail {dot} com :)

  • My husband and I just watched Food, Inc. a few nights ago and threw out almost ALL of our food {which we thought we were already quite picky about}. I can’t wait to see this new one. I love that farmer {Joel?}. He speaks such profound truth in his simple farmer way. Love him. Thanks for sharing and encouraging all of us to eat fresh & local.

    • hi emily! i agree, joel is my most favorite farmer every! it’s him who ‘gets me’ every time. i was so happy to see him in fresh as well, he’s such an inspiration! he’s only one state over from us, one day i want to pack up and go pay him a visit. ;)

  • thank you for posting this! I immediately posted it to my facebook page! I wish this movie was being played down here in Florida though. maybe it will be sooner than later. Joel is such an amazing inspiration. it would be awesome to meet him!