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happy friday dear ones!  today i want to introduce to you one of favorite people around the web, tonia of itty bitty impacts! her blog is about taking care of the environment and how itty bitty things ready do add up and make a huge difference.  she takes such a fun approach to sharing with us how to minimize our impact, you'll have fun learning as you flip through all the pretty pages of advice, tips and how to's.

i wanted to share with you this video on how to make your own laundry detergent (isn't tonia cute?)!  store bought laundry detergent is full of harmful ingredients such as quaternary ammonium sodium carbonate, sodium alkyl benzene sulfonate, sodium silicate, bleach, and some phosphates (just to name a few), and i don't want to be wearing those or dumping them in the earth.  since ec0-friendly detergent is so expensive, this is an easy, very effective and affordable way to make your own laundry detergent at home that won't harm your family or the earth.

if you haven't already, enjoy perusing the pages of itty bitty impact where you'll find advice on diy facial's, green weddings, preserving herbs and so much more!

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have a lovely weekend, see you here on monday! xo, bonnie

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