mary kate mcdevitt

Mary Kate McDevitt

{hand painted cards}

happy monday lovelies! i just wanted to say, "hello"- that's all! did you have a good weekend?  we've been out of town for the last few days, so it feels really good to get back home and in my 'usual' spot.  this week i have my work cut out for me.  actually, it's not 'cut' out yet (i still have to do that part), but i'm making a bunch (and i mean a bunch) of new aprons in preparation for the indie craft parade in september!  i don't do many craft shows, so making all this inventory is new to me, but i'm trying to get a head start!

Mary Kate McDevitt

mary kate mcdevitt's work shows some of the most pretty hand lettering and illustration i've come across.  her feel good sayings make her shop a happy place to visit and turns mundane tasks like writing to-do's and thank you cards into a time to look forward to.  with a wide array of mini goal chalkboards you'll feel inspired to start checking off tasks in no time!

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