my favorite kitchen gadgets

i'm going to step away from the handmade world, just for a moment. well, actually all these thing help me make things by hand to eat and drink, so that counts- right?

my four favorite kitchen gadgets

with gift giving season in full swing, i've been thinking about my favorite things a lot.  what things do i enjoy greatly, and who else might enjoy them as well?  well in my kitchen, there are four easy winners for my favorite gadgets. they are:

1. the cuisinart smart stick hand blender. it's amazing. it makes life so much easier and so many dishes a complete cinch! during the summer, i used it to make fresh smoothies almost every day, as all you have to do is fill your glass with goodies and zap it with the blender.  this fall and winter i've been using it to puree soups, right in the pot. no need to pour the hot soup into a blender and back into the pot anymore!

2. coffee dispenser by metari. i've had this coffee canister/dispenser for years and it's still one of my favorite gadgets. one squeeze of the handle = one scoop of coffee. making 6 cups of coffee? just give her 6 squeezes. no need to measure your the coffee ever again!

3. my bodum french press. we discovered the french press about a year and a half ago and have since given our regular coffee maker away. it makes the most rich and smooth coffee- never burnt or too strong. it even adds a little froth. :)

4. the prepara oil mister. everyone has to have this! you can forget the pam, as this refillable oil mister does the trick and never runs out (as long as you have olive oil on hand to refill). it's BPA free and has no CFCs or volatile chemical propellants- you just pump and spray. it's the perfect eco-alternative to disposable aerosol cans!

what are some of your absolute favorite things? will you be giving any of them for christmas this year?

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  • I too love my frech press, but way to make coffee. Many years ago I had an oil mister that did not work well at all and I gave up on it and just got Olive Oil Cooking spray from Trader Joe’s, but this one looks so much better. Maybe my sister in-law needs one in her Christmas stocking. Thanks for sharing!

  • I know that I’m totally dense and not up with the new…but with the French coffee press…how is it actually working. It sounds like you put in whole beans…then do you manually press, or do you push a button and the coffee brews? Does it plug in, I’m guessing so, since it’s hot :)


    • hi kim! actually, you add ground coffee to the carafe then pour hot water over top of it. place the ‘top’ on and let steep for 3-5 minutes. then depress the ‘lid’ so that the mesh guard pushes all the grounds to the bottom and pour the scrumptious coffee out into your cup! no plugs, no mess- just delish coffee. you can check out this link for (better) instructions:

      you have to try it!