my girl’s new chicken coop!

we got a new chicken coop!  believe it or not, even though we moved almost 6 months ago, my girls just made the big move yesterday!  i had been going back and forth from our last place to take care of them (just up the hill).  it wasn't without resistance, (ever tried to catch a chicken?), but i assured them the move was for their own good.  now, look how happy they are!










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  • wow, that’s wonderful!! if i lived in the country, or a city that allowed chicken i would totally have some! and i love their new own, it’s so cute!

  • Very nice. We are about to get some little ladies as well for our back yard. My hubby built a beautiful A frame coop. It should be a fun new adventure.

  • I love your blog…such creative ideas! I love your chicken coop! I’ve been thinking about getting chickens and wondering what kind of coop I would put up. Yours looks great! Thanks for sharing!!

    I have a new blog called Scret Garden Cottage. I would love for you to come visit. If you like it, I would welcome your comments and for you to become a follower. I would love to hear what you have to say. Smiles ~ Jo

  • Did you build this coop yourself or buy it constructed / semi-constructed? I am thinking of getting chickens and can’t decide if I want to try building or just wimp out and buy one. : ) Any info would help!

    • hi rachael! we ended up buying this one, but we made the one at our last house! it was actually cheaper to just buy this one rather than try to build another one (or move the last one) so that’s what we went with and really love it! i’m sure you could just whip something out as well, i’ve even heard of chicks residing in old junker cars! as long as they’re safe from predators, just about anything will do. just make sure whatever it is, that the wood hasn’t been treated. ;) let me know if you have any questions!

  • Just wanted to mention your photo when you moved the ‘girls’ in the blue carrier…guess you know the white one is a rooster, is it not? Love your new chicken house. We keep our waterer clean by stacking it high on three or so stepping stones…then they usually cannot scratch shavings, etc. into it. We’ve also hung metal waterers from the ceiling…(I liked it best) but you would need a metal ‘rig’ for the handle on an “S” hook at the end of the chain. A stron hurricane fencing slip works perfectly.

  • I have looked at many coops, and yours seems just right. It is neither too large, nor too small. Would you please send me the information to order the coop? Thank you!

  • I just came across your blog. I LOVE your coop. My mom lives in Highlands and we live in Charlotte. I’d love to know who you bought your coop from in Franklin. Was it already assembled or did you put it together? We’d have to bring it to Charlotte.

  • Can you please email me the information for buying a coop like yours, or maybe the plans. I live in California.

  • hey everyone! here’ some information about this lovely coop!

    we got it from a local woodworker in franklin, nc, and don’t have plans for it. below is the fellow’s website, if you’re relatively local maybe you could managed to get one! :)

  • I loved, do you have a blue print. I you do, I`will build one for my beloved feather people that yet, are shelterd in my garage.

  • Love your coop! The “girls looks so happy. Can you tell me the measurements on this coop and how much something like this would cost?

    • hey diana- i didn’t make this coop, so i’m not sure about measurements and costs. please refer to my previous comments above on how to get in touch with the company i bought it from.

  • Bonnie, I found an image of your coop on Pinterest, and haven’t been able to think of anything else. It’s my dream coop! I wish I lived in your area – I’d have bought one! Instead, I’ve just sketched it out with a run and a garden, and have found a handyman who will help me build it. Posting the sketches on my Facebook page, and a link to your blog, so everyone can ooh and aaah! ….and your chicken-ladies are gorgeous as well!


  • Hi Bonnie
    Could you please email me info on your coop as I am hoping they will build me one. I live in VA.
    It looks so easy to clean.
    Thanks bunches,

  • They are lovely. I also have my own hens in my backyard. They live the happiest lives. I’m wondering do you plan on keeping them as your pets for as long as they live?

    • hey roxxi! sadly we don’t have chicks anymore (we moved and had to give them to a friend), but yes, we were going to keep them as pets. we loved them so much! :)

  • I would like the specifics on your chicken coop. It is the best I have seen. It would make a great addition to my yard.

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