new blog design coming monday!

{stork in blue}

the time has finally come!  many of you know that a new design for going home to roost has been in the works, and the time to share it with you is almost here!  i've been working with the spectacular jo from the darling tree and what she's created has exceeded even my highest expectation!  i think you all will really love it.  it will be a brand new theme as well as a brand new format which is not only more visually appealing, but much more easily navigable as well.

the new theme will be going live this monday! the site may be down a bit over the weekend, and maybe a little on monday as well, but bare with us, we'll try to avoid it!  also, i'll be posting updates on the status of the new design on twitter, if you would like to follow the progression there.

next time i see you, we'll be moved into a new home!

xox, bonnie

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