Oktoberfest by Miss Malaprop

Last year around this time I had the chance to participate in my first Oktoberfest. Now, I'm not a big beer drinker (or much of a beer drinker at all actually - give me cider or wine any day), but many of my friends are, and who doesn't love the chance to dance around to silly polka music, do the chicken dance and eat food on a stick?

1st row  1: Beer Keg Mug by violetsandgrace 2: Bavarian Yodeling Shorts by zwzzy 3: Seasoned Bread Sticks by YummyAffair

2nd row 4: Oktoberfest Pretzel Earrings by OliveandGold 5: Lederhosen Costume for Dogs by YoungUrbanPuppy 6: I Love You in Germany Travel Print by lisabarbero

Oktoberfest in Germany is one of the biggest festivals in the world, but our New Orleans version draws a pretty big crowd as well. (New Orleanians love any excuse for a party!) Deutsches-Haus, an organization formed in 1928 to serve the large German population here, has been hosting a popular Oktoberfest celebration for many years now. New Orleans was once famous as a hotbed of beer brewing, thanks to our German immigrant population, and beer brewing is actually on the rise again here, with local craft brewers popping up left and right.

1st row 1: Vintage Oktoberfest Beer Mug Boot by BlueRoseRetro 2: Fine Art Europe Photography by johnbragg 3: Mustache Pint Glasses by BreadandBadger
2nd row 4: NOLA Beer Soap Gift Set by SweetOliveSoapWorks 5: you need a beer stencil folk art sign by artbymags! 6: Vintage Mens Yodeler Hat by ZellesBOWtique

Last year, our friends Gwen and Brian invited us to join them at Oktoberfest. In retrospect, what turned out to be a fun night of drinking, dancing and eating, is sort of bittersweet. Gwen & Brian moved to Portland earlier this year, and this year's Oktoberfest at Deutsches-Haus will be the last in their historic location. (Deutsches-Haus is being forced to relocate due to a large hospital complex that is being built in that area.) Nevertheless, this time of year will always bring to mind great memories. I'd love to travel to Germany someday to experience the ultimate Oktoberfest. What about you? Have you been to Oktoberfest, whether in Germany or a local celebration?
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  • i did my first & LAST Oktoberfest in Stuttgart last year … i drank my 3 liters of beer, ate my chicken … survived through to the morning & well it doesn’t ever need to be done again. I have lived the traditional German experience & prayed to the porcelain goddess as a result. Am all good to go. But i totally love those glasses with the mustache … hmmm idea for hubby & christmas!

  • i’ve been to the oktoberfest right this past weekend for the first time and it was a great experience. we were invited by a couple from munich who organized a table in one of those tents. otherwise i would have been squeezed to death i guess. it was so packed. 7 million pitchers of beer were sold. it’s a massive fest. but i loved it anyway. very fun and entertaining and people from all over the world met there. very great. definitely would go there again.