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happy friday!  what are you doing this weekend? i don't have much planned other then spending some time in my sewing room.  i've got tons of projects screaming my name! if you've got some downtime, check out inkbloom- because you could get seriously crafty!


inkbloom puts design- right at your fingertips.  ever go to the fabric store and find that they've got your fabric- but in the wrong colorway? with inkbloom, you can create your own fabric, right at home. you can download designs, easily recolor them or personalize them and click print!


inkbloom offers downloadable designs and also inkjet fabric stabilizer and blank fabric, so you have everything you need to get creative.. and crafty!  the stabilizer sheets allows you to run the fabric through your printer, and you can use their blank fabric, or any fabric you have at home.  the stabilizer sheets also allow you to print double sided fabric and, once you're done, can even be used to create beautiful matte stickers and labels.  they have an amazing selection of beautiful prints and patterns to choose from, and i'm thinking you could get pretty crafty with designing your own, too!


their website is full of inspiration and beautiful ideas to help you envision all of the possibilities.  this is truly, a designers dream come true!

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