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friends, how are you? how is the christmas season going? are all of the gifts wrapped and under the tree? we finished wrapping the very last one last night, just to find another one that i had forgotten this morning. there's always one more, isn't there? we will be driving some 24 hours back to our home state of n.c. tomorrow, and i think we'll need a christmas miracle just to get all the gifts, our luggage and toaster in the car!

we have a few gifts that will surely not arrive in the mail on time, we're somewhat worried about the weather for the trip home and are a bit stressed over getting our things together for the trip.

but you know what?

i am intentionally going to love every bit of this holiday season. after all, it is the most wonderful time of the year! i giggle at the bustling malls and laughed as i used newspaper to wrap the last few gifts last night after we ran out of wrapping paper. this season, i will enjoy every bit of christmas and everything that comes along with it. i intend to enjoy the 24 hour car ride home with my mister and soak in every ounce of time i can with our families while we're home. i will savor every bite of scrumptious food we eat and plan to remember the look on my loved ones faces as they open my gifts for them. though there is much still to do before saturday comes, this is my way of promising myself that i will be present and filled with joy for every moment of it.

what has your week been like? how are you avoiding the natural holiday stresses?

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