repurposing my favorite sweater

so, sigh... my sweet innocent toaster got a little bored the other day, and i came home to one of my favorite sweaters looking like this.  how lovely! after a little pouting, i decided to at least put it to good use.

so, i made a pillow cover. i chopped off the bottom half (it was one of those really long, pretty sweaters), turned it inside out and stitched across the bottom with my sewing machine.

then, i turned it right side out, stuffed my pillow in it, and grabbed some left over alpaca wool yarn.  i threaded up an extra large needle and haphazardly whipped up the top to give it a little character.  now, it's just perfect for my couch, and though i'll never be able to wear it again, maybe i can at least sleep on it! (unless, i could wear the remains and start a new fashion trend?)


yes toaster, you should be ashamed!

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