rikrak studio’s 2010 handmade olympics

"where the handmade world comes together to celebrate making things!

think alpine sewing.
downhill woodworking.

pairs cooking on ice!
and all of the other amazing things folks in the handmade world do + make + create every day!

oh what a wonderful handmade world we live in!"

have you all visited rikrak studio lately?  they are hosting a 2010 handmade olympics!  there are 8 fun events to enter and for each of them, you can nominate both yourself and another shop, blog or handmade item.  nominations end january 31st and after the {amazing} judges post a short list of their 10 favorites, everyone will begin to vote on february 8.  there are some amazing prizes and fun to be had, so get over to rikrak studio for all of the details and to start nominating! have fun!

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