robin’s bird progression

good morning monday!  how was your weekend?  mine was a great one full of sunshine and house cleaning (how fun!).  today is the mister's birthday, so i've got a bit of planning and wrapping presents to do today- he's turning 25!

do you remember the baby robin's eggs i had in my garden?  well, they hatched and i've been able to take pictures of them as they've grown and i'm a little sad to say that they've flown the coop!  i guess i should have known that was coming.  i couldn't believe my eyes of how much they had grown every day! here's a summary of their progression:

robin's eggs to birds

aren't they darling? all four hatched and survived, due to the mother's highly protective care (and i mean highly!).

bird nest

these little birdies (not sure what kind?) were in a bird house i have, and i love this 'surprised' pic i got of them!  i peeked in on them one day when they were little and found a nest of fire ants all over them , so with a little diatomaceous earth (food grade, very safe) i dusted around the nest and like to think that i saved their little lives!  they've flown the coop as well, so it's all empty nest syndrome here!

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  • Love it! I had a chance one summer to watch this cycle happen on my front porch as well and it really is wonderful. I think my neighbors though I was nuts because when the first one flew the nest I started cheering her on! Thank you for sharing!

  • I have Robins in my yard/bush. The parents are SOOOO aggressive. One just literally smacked me in the head when I was trying to take a peek. I can’t even go into my yard without them going crazy…even when I am leaving them totally alone, which, is 99% of the time. How long until they are gone?

    • hi ann! oh, it should be soon! mine only took about 3 weeks before they left, and i haven’t seen the parents since. they are aggressive, huh?! needless to say, they didn’t care much for me taking pics of their babies!